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Internet Inventory Management System

A comprehensive Inventory management system geared towards public service volunteer groups, Amateur Radio Clubs or individuals wanting to track radio equipment, sound equipment or other assets which are loaned out, borrowed or otherwise deployed for use.

It is built on a SaaS model that allows for the management of Public Address Audio, emergency communications equipment, amateur radio equipment and associated computer and networking hardward and software.  It will allow volunteers from across the country in different groups such as ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services), CERT (Community Emergecy Response Team), any stand-alone private non-profit groups, and others providing communications to local communities when normal communications fail.

Volunteers are able to access, monitor and maintain their radio equipment inventory and availability. This information is important so these groups can know what of their equipment is available for shipment to disaster relief zones or simply where it is currently stored or in use. Some features planned for this release include:

  • Fast Web based application

  • Both desktop and mobile profiles for easy access from any device

  • Operate from any operating system on any device; PCs, Smartphones or tablets via Web browser

  • Multi-tier security for administrative flexibility

  • Hardware maintenance log module

  • Facilitates RFID, Barcode (both 1D and 2D) or keyboard asset check-in and check-out operations for all asset tracking and maintenance operations

  • Full history logging for all assets

  • Ability to track physical location equipment is deployed to by text description as well as geographical locations (Maidenhead grid square, Lat/lon coordinates)

  • Equipment can be checked out to specific users, tacked by RFID, Call sign, name, etc.

Currently under development for future release: 

  • Local disconnected mode for remote deployment where no Internet Connection is available

  • Automatic record update syncronization between remote and server side whenever system can gain access to Internet services

  • API for linking the maintenance modules into automated test equipment, other database management systems, and other software


Check back for additional details as they are released !
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