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Software solutions tailored to your needs.
CustomSoftworks provides clients with unique solutions to their changing needs. Rather than trying to fit everyone into a generic solution provided by off-the-shelf software we provide software that is written specifically to meet our customers needs. This gives our clients the ability to determine the features and direction their solutions require. We also can provide updates specifically targeted at your changing needs.
Web-Based Solutions
Using some of the most powerful techniques available we can provide internet based applications to small and mid sized organizations.  Both browser based and fat-client solutions are available.  In house hosting is available.  We can provide solutions when you have a need for speed.
Desktop Solutions

Custom products can be developed for unique needs on the desktop.  A solution specific to your needs will often be far superior to trying to make repeated customizations of generic products.  Contact us for your programming needs.

Reseller Affiliations

Authorized Reseller, providing: mail server, 
                      dynamic dns, firewall, internet sharing, web mail server, anti spam, 
                      email management, computer virus protection, and more.

Authorized Visnetic Mailflow Reseller, providing a rounded
                      email routing and tracking system.

1117 Woodbury
Suite C
Independence, MO

Tel: (816) 254-9730
Fax: (816) 254-9727

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